Your first cat tree!

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Ever see a cat climb your favorite drapes and wish you had an option?  A cat tree offers much more than drapes ever could such as a variety of style, a place to perch and feel secure, a versatile play station for your cat.


  • A cat’s natural instinct is to climb for many reasons like stalking prey, escaping natural predators and exercise. 
  • Be prepared, if you do not have a cat tree, for your cat(s) to use your furniture or other household fixtures as a makeshift climbing object of their own, which could lead to things being knocked over or damaged.


  • A cat tree is not only good for your cat but entertaining for you as well.  You get to enjoy seeing your cat or cats scaling the cat tree in haste in search of some invisible prey.


  • The cat tree is a great addition to any scratching products like the cardboard flat unit that sits on the floor, or toys which embed a scratching feature to the tall scratching post,
  • The cat tree not only provides entertainment, exercise but another attractive scratching option for your cat(s) or kitten(s). 
  • For a fun fact consider the polydactyl cat, one which has extra toes and that means extra nail trimming.


  • If you have an indoor cat you can compensate for the lack of natural outdoor “obstacle courses” of trees and limbs with a cat tree. 
  • The climbing and jumping alone will provide the additional exercise they need to help 
  • reduce the chances of being overweight. 
  • Fortunately, cats do not need a lot of exercise, but, having something like a cat tree encourages activity.

    Cat tree and cats relazing

Proper Scratching Area

  • Teaching your cat to use the cat tree or other scratching products just takes time, patience, and maybe a water squirt bottle, and, there are two other products which can help as well. 
  • Catnip in dry or spray form on the cat tree and there are a variety of products to repelling your cat from areas or furniture that are not appropriate for scratching.

See what others are saying about the Go Pet Club Cat Tree.

  • I saw that this cat tree had over a hundred positive reviews on another site, so ordered one. Assembled in less than 30 minutes. Sturdy, solid stand IF YOU MAKE SURE TO TIGHTEN PROPERLY and enough. It is very easy to move around on a smooth floor. I have four young cats, and the three males are very active and play aggressively. They loved this stand instantly, but the great thing is that even though they rough-house on it, they are also very mellow on it. They love sleeping in the perches and are very calm when they are resting there.
  • I am using this cat tree at a cat rescue place with 20 cats. After 5 years it’s still standing strong. Never tipped over despite sometimes having 6 cats in/on it. It’s heavily abused and in the last year the sisal rope has been letting loose, so… more fun for the cats to play with.Pet Products and Cat Products And only now the fabric started to detach in a corner, so that is not something to worry about. I will be purchasing another one soon.
  • The cat absolutely loves this cat tree! He sleeps in there the majority of the day and easily runs in and out of it 20+ times. He became highly interested in it the moment I started unpacking the boxes and hasn’t lost interest since. Construction is sturdy and even though the cat leaps up into this thing many times, I never get the feeling that it may tip over or break at all. Occasionally I catch a dog up in there too….i don’t know what goes on in my house when no ones home but even when I am home the cat acts like a dog and one of the dogs acts like a cat. I will be purchasing another model from this same company in the near future for the basement as soon as I save enough money to do so.