About Me

Slicker BrushMark Andrew in Maine at your service ….

I have had cat(s) in my life for thirty years now and had the opportunity to l

earn a lot over that time especially during my time in pet retail where I learned a great deal more about the variety of products available to new and existing pet owners.

For the purposes of this site, I focus on cat grooming products, general care and what to get for your cat.  I very much hope you enjoy and find helpful the information I am sharing with you, a fellow cat owner.


Pet Products, Cat Products, Cat TreePlease visit my homepage to see more about the Go Pet Club Cat Tree.

Look forward to additional postings about General Cat Products such as:

  • General Cat Products
  • Feedback on other slicker brushes
  • Food, Litter, toys and much more.


Feel free to visit my other sites and youtube channel:

Grooming Short Haired Cats (specific to domestic short-haired cats)

Nthworlds (dedicated to my personal interests such as)

  • My mobile home tips
  • RPG’s (Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Life with my cats Sherlock and Paddy

Youtube Channel ==> Mark in Maine