Changing Cat Litter

Three tips on cat litter….

What should I start with?

  • First, check with the adoption agency or group what kind of litter they have been using and be sure to purchase the same type.  If they are using non-scented clay litter, purchase the same type. Brand does not really matter as long as it is the same as what is currently being used. 
  • With a sudden change in litter, your new cat or kitten may dislike this change and refuse to use the litter box. 
  • Your new cat or kitten might be perfectly fine with the sudden change.  If they are not you will know if you find somewhere other than the litter box being used as a bathroom.

Changing the type of kitty litter.

  • Using the new litter is not a problem in most cases but to make the transition easier and more attractive to your cat or kitten place a one inch layer of the new cat litter along the base of the litter box and cover with two inches of the regularly used litter. 
  • As your cat or kitten uses the old litter the gradual emergence of the new litter will ease the transition between litter types. 
  • The downside to us humans is during this transition, clay to clumping, or the opposite, you will lose some of the normal features of each type of litter, that is to be expected and if you’re willing to pass through this transition, it will be well worth it
  • As far as what is the best cat litter? That will depend on your comfort level.  I recommend researching the pros and cons of each type.

Where should I put the cat litter box?

  • First, do not place the litter box near the food or water supply, cats prefer their “bathroom” to be far away from the eating area.
  • Second, avoid high traffic areas for two reasons the first being your cat or kitten may be afraid to use the litter box in a high traffic area and lastly the odor. 
  • A general rule is one additional litter box than cats, so if you have two cats you may want to consider three litter boxes.  Some cats can be particular about the cleanliness of the litter box, daily checking is best to keep the litter box fresh.
  • Lastly, I am sure you have already found a variety of litter boxes, open versus closed, self-cleaning litter boxes, also known as automatic litter boxes.  This is where you will need to research the litter types and boxes to reach a decision for your comfort level on the type you decide to use. 

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