Digging into cat litter boxes

Before choosing any fully automated self cleaning kitty litter box or with the sifting design built into the cat litter box there are two important questions to ask

  1. How quickly does the litter your deciding on clump firmly.
  2. How soon after your cat leaves the litter box will the automation take place.

Covered  Litter Box w/built-in sifting feature.

  • Covered Litter BoxThis litter box is designed with a rolling feature, simply roll one way and the litter is sifted from the solids and then roll backward (partial rolls only) and litter is back where it needs to be.
  • There is a built-in slide-out tray and the grating unit which does the sifting for you and the tray pulls out for easy disposal.
  • You will need to have a location, if you do not want to move the box from its present spot, wide enough to roll back and forth, I recommend about a foot and half on either side.
  • You will want to use a clumping litter that forms very firm clumps so they will not break apart during the gentle rocking motion you need.
  • Smaller than a large litter box but still very functional for the size and built-in feature.

Open Tri-layered sifter

  • Cat Litter BoxThere are three layers to this unit, each set in a specific position so that the litter does not seep through all layers and onto the floor, a simple yet very effective design.
  • This unit requires lifting to the top layer and using a back and forth motions to sift the unused litter from the used portion.
  • Clumping litters which advertise low dust are best for this type of litter box.

Litter Maid

  • Automatic Litter BoxThis is an open unit automatic litter box also known as a self cleaning litter box, with a grating system which passes through the litter once your cat departs.
  • You will want to consider a very firm type of clumping litter.
  • This electric litter box uses a sifting unit that places used litter and solid waste into a tray to contain odor.
  • This unit works very well for those cats that like to do their business without a total upheaval of the litter. Should you have a cat, which I adopted after using this litter box successfully, that likes to push all the litter to one location, in this instance, up to the sifter mechanism it did not work so well.

If you like the option of having a hidden litter box, open small or large cat litter boxes work best, be sure to get the internal measurements of the furniture unit you want to use.


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