Digging into clumping litters

Arm & Hammer Clumping Litter

  • It forms very quick, firm clumps and is easily removed without the clump breaking apart.
  • Clumping LitterYou can use any type of scoop for litter to remove both the solid waste and clumped litter.
  • It is readily available at most pet specific stores and retail stores in general with a good price.
  • A good choice for almost any type of litter box I have seen on the market such as your basic open or closed litter box to the fully automatic versions.
  • Several varieties to choose from to fit your needs.


  • Environmentally friendly and made from natural products
  • Clumping LitterYou do not need a special scoop to sift the used from the unused.
  • On disposal I personally never had a problem with my septic system, this is not a recommendation on my part, just my experience.
  • Will form clumps and works well in a regular litter box, clumps may not be firm enough though for certain automated litter boxes or sifting layered types.

World’s Best Cat Litter

  • Is a corn based litter so it is environmentally friendly.
  • Advertiser confirms safe for septic systems (I have a septic system and there has been no negative impact)
  • Any normal litter scoop works well.
  • Flushes well and no problems with my plumbing in winter when I cannot get to my compost pile.
  • Does a great job of controlling urine odor.
  • Could be used for sifting or automated litter boxes if litter has time to form a solid clump.

Over the years I have tried various types of cat litter brands, the following are my experiences with different clumping litters.  There is no wrong choice to make and no best kitty litter to recommend, the final decision on kitty litter and a litter box should be based on your comfort level.

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