Digging into non clumping litter

Before proceeding I would like to add that in no way am I saying not to buy any type of cat or kitty litter, this review and tips that I give are from my personal experience and will be referring the type I have tried, in my opinion, there is no best cat litter, the choice is based on the individual comfort level and your cat.

Clay Litter

  • Non clumping Cat LitterThe traditional clay litter is usually inexpensive and readily available in almost any retail store.
  • It is easy to see when the litter has absorbed liquid waste.
  • Any solid scoop will work easily when removing solids or used clay litter.
  • Disposing of will consist of using your trash bin, clay litter is however heavy in large amounts.
  • No special litter box or scooping tool is needed.

Pine Litter, also known as Feline Pine

Feline Pine

  • Made from shavings reclaimed at lumber production without the need to cut down trees.
  • Pine litter is very absorbent, good odor control for the liquid waste and environmentally friendly.
  • The pellets turn to sawdust as they absorb the urine making it easy to see what has been used.
  • A special scoop is needed but not hard to get.
  • Full change is easy once pellets have turned to 100% sawdust.
  • I liked this litter since I could put all used portions in my compost pile.
  • The special scooping tool designed to handle the pellet size is inexpensive.
  • A clumping version is also now available.

Yesterday’s News

  • Yesterdays NewsMade from recycled paper, making it environmentally friendly.
  • While this litter in pellet form does not break down the portion that absorbs liquid does become a darker shade to distinguish from the unused portion.
  • Solid waste will be fairly easy to locate even if covered.
  • The pellets do a very good job of absorbing the urine odor.

In the end, had a cat that was particular about her litter, very particular! So there was lots of trial and error, ultimate she did not care for any of the above but I do feel they each have their benefits.

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