Why a cat?

Going to adopt a pet? Consider a cat or kitten…..


  • Cats at home are more readily accepting of a long day work schedule.
  • A cat will take up no more space than a laptop when it desires your attention.
  • Cats and kittens are usually very quickly housebroken.
  • Your cat will sleep on average 16 to 20 hours a day, this is ideal for someone who has long hours or if you have to travel daily a long distance to work.
  • If you have multiple cats they will easily amuse themselves while you are away.
  • Most cats are known to regulate and not over-eat which makes feeding easier. 


  • cat adoptionAble to be content staying indoors it will be unlikely it has rolled around in something unpleasant outdoors bathing would be a rare occurrence if at all.
  • Regardless if you have a single cat or multiple cats most of the grooming is taking care of on their own.
  • Tip: During the cat adoption process is a great time to find out how they are being successfully groomed.

Living Space and entertainment

  • adopt a petCats do not bark, so this makes them ideal if you living in a multi-condo or apartment building.
  • If you’re using a flushable litter and have a small living space this helps by avoiding having to add to your trash run.
  • Kittens or cats are ready to entertain themselves independently, take a box, cut a couple holes large enough for them to climb through and you have an instant, disposable, entertainment unit.
  • Introducing a new cat can very entertaining in itself as they explore your home.

The cats featured in this article are past or present in my life, thank you for taking the time to read these tips.

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