3 Grooming Tips…

I recommend the following reasons to start grooming soon after your new pet arrives at home….

  • Grooming is part of your cat’s natural routine…

    The benefit of pet grooming help you to the become part of the social structure of your cat’s daily life and making your cat or cats feel more at home and familiar with you as the owner.  Grooming can help establish a strong social structure and trust.  As your cat becomes more familiar with you and the home the more likely they will not only look forward to your attention but seek you out.  Cats have different personalities to be prepared the trust will build at different levels and time.  Lastly, it helps you determine your cats comfort level of grooming so you can adjust accordingly.

    Overall health such and unwanted guests…

    Taking the time to groom provides ample opportunity to check your cats overall health.  Matted or tangled hair should be your first check before using any grooming tool, so that you use the proper tool, to begin with.  Slicker brushes are a great tool to help with shedding but can catch unexpectedly on a matt or tangle inflicting at the least a strong response from your pet.  The best course of action is to remove the matt or tangle before using a slicker brush.   Ticks are easier to spot than fleas, this can be more difficult with long or thick haired cats.  Ticks should never just be pulled out, there are proper tick removal tools available for such tasks.  Fleas are harder to spot but still can be found in the midst of the fur you pull from the slicker brush.  Lastly before the regular grooming session just running your hands over your cat can help you find unusual spots like bare or sensitive areas, and don’t forget you can check ears, teeth, gums, and claws as well.

    slicker brushThe human to cat bond

    Every cat has his or her own personality, the best time you can spend is using proper grooming techniques (as well as play time) and most cats will bond in their own way with you.  As you get to know your cat(s) personality and routine this will foster a very positive household environment for both of you.  Seen in this picture is Sherlock my second shadow

    My personal example of how do cats differ.

    Caring for an Elderly CatIn the past, I had two cats, Tabitha and Hope.  While Hope had a constant desire to be groomed, Tabitha (a feral cat) though friendly at least tolerated grooming, after working a lot with her. Grooming was especially important for Tabitha (06/1995 to 10/2015) seen in photo), though a small cat, had the Maine Coon fur.  This continues to remain true for the two I have now, Paddy and Sherlock.  While Paddy is friendly and is acceptable of grooming Sherlock will actively seek out grooming time enthusiastically.


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